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Artist of the Month


February 2015 Artist of the Month

I started experimenting on glass with Acrylic paint and ink after a Pride on the Fox art show.  The way the colours jump out from beneath the pane fascinates me. In one of my early attempts, I found inspiration when driving Sterns Road and seeing hundreds of black birds rising at dawn in the autumn mist.  Our house was hit by lightning, and I ended up with spare glass from the shattered windows.  Some of those are here today.  Previously I had displayed at the library, but no glass painting until this time. One aspect of the technique that I love is the anticipation of the work.  When the glass is wet and upside down you cannot see the finished work.  Turning it over and leaving even one fingerprint will ruin it.

My son Chris has also taken up the brush and with Acryllic and canvas has developing his own sense of style.  A style that will grow on you. There is a certain link that I think shows the spirit of art when we both display works in the same gallery.  The path his art takes reaffirms that you can enjoy experimenting, and find your self through art.

Jim Enockson and Chris Enockson both reside in Saint Charles.



January 2015 Artist of the Month

I’ve been an artist for as long as I can remember. In high school, I was voted “Best Artist” and received a fine art scholarship. I pursued a career in graphic design and became the art director for a national magazine. It wasn’t until 2010 and nearly 30 years away from what I loved, that I switched gears and turned my attention back to art.

I draw inspiration from my love of nature and am passionate about creating portraits of animals and children, flowers and scenes of places I have traveled to. When choosing a subject, I look for warm sun on skin, bright and colorful reflections on water and light passing through petals that create the deep shadows, bright highlights and high contrast that I savor. My hope is that through this process, I am able to evoke a feeling of joy and happiness. Although I have worked in oil, acrylic and graphite, my primary focus has been on both soft and oil pastels. I love the immediacy of these mediums, their vibrant colors, rich tones, texture, paint-like quality and portability. I particularly enjoy exploring various art papers and the way the pastels are affected through their application. I’ve taken multiple courses in oil pastel, but am self-taught using soft pastels.

Since 2011, I have participated in more than 50 exhibits including numerous juried fine art fairs, three solo shows, and have earned three “Best in Shows” awards, a “1st Place” and numerous awards in other categories. I hold memberships with The Pastel Society of America, The Chicago Pastel Painters, The Geneva Art Guild, The DuPage Art League, The Wayne Art League and Yellow House Artists.



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