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Kids Talk about Bullying
by Carrie Finn  J PARENT 303.69 FIN
Super Sam gives some strong advice on bullies.

Bullies Are A Pain in The Brain
Trevor teaches Jack ways to handle a bully and how to become bully-proof. (Ages 6 and up.)

Little Girls Can Be Mean: Four Steps to Bully-Proof Girls in the Early Grades
by Michelle Anthony  J PARENT 371.58 ANT
A 4-step program for helping girls cope with the many friendship issues in their lives while also helping parents become problem-solving partners.

It’s a Girl’s World: A Documentary about Social Bullying
This is a documentary about social bullying. (Modules 1-4 for grades 4-8.  Modules 5-6 for students 14+ years.)

Stop Bullying Now: Take a Stand, Lend a Hand
What is bullying? Why should we be concerned about bullying? (Grades 4–8)

Hands Are Not for Hitting
by Martine Agassi  J PARENT 372.1782 AGA
Positive ways of using hands other than for hitting are demonstrated.

Stop Teasing Taylor!
by Jana Carson  J PARENT CARSON
When Taylor is teased in school, he is helped by a best friend and a teacher.

Say Something
by Peggy Moss  J PARENT MOSS
A child finds herself in a situation where jokes are made about her.


Jungle Drums
by Graeme Base  JE BASE
In Africa, Ngiri, the smallest warthog, is teased. Does he use magic drums to solve his problem?

Jake’s Best Thumb
by Ilene Cooper  JE COOPER
A bully teases Jake, but finds out he may need help being brave himself.

Bullies Never Win
by Margery Cuyler  JE CUYLER
A first-grader discovers a new way to deal with a bully.

Stand Tall, Molly Lou Melon
by Patty Lovell  JE LOVELL
The class bully makes fun of Molly, but she remembers what her Grandma said.

King of the Playground
by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor  JE NAYLOR
Kevin finds a way to stand up to the playground bully

Odd Velvet
by Mary E. Whitcomb  JE WHITCOMB
Velvet is not like her classmates.  Can they ever accept her and her odd name?

Martha Walks the Dog
by Susan Meddaugh  JE MEDDAUGH
Martha, a talking dog, learns that the way words are used affects the outcome of a problem. 

The Two Bullies
by Junko Morimoto  JE MORIMOTO
Who do you think will win when the two bullies get together?

by Christopher A. Myers  JE MYERS
A classmate of a teased boy shows how the power of one person can help a victim.

The Recess Queen
by Alexis O’Neill  JE ONEILL
The biggest playground bully is Mean Jean, until a new girl arrives.


Oliver Button Is a Sissy
by Tomie De Paola  JR DEPAOLA
Oliver is called a sissy by other kids until he stands up for himself.


The Double-Digit Club
by Marion Dane Bauer  J BAUER
Nine-year-old Sarah has decisions to make during her summer vacation.

Trading Places with Tank Talbott
by Dori Hillestad Butler  J BUTLER
Two boys become friends even though one is the class bully.

Jake Drake, Bully Buster
by Andrew Clements  J CLEMENTS
Jake, a fourth grader, humorously tells how he helped a bully in second grade.

The Hundred Dresses
by Eleanor Estes  J ESTES
A class learns a lesson about the effects of thoughtless words in this Newbery Honor book.

Stepping on the Cracks
by Mary Downing Hahn  J HAHN
Margaret gets a new view of the school bully when she discovers a secret.

Kaline Klattermaster’s Tree House
by Haven Kimmel  J KIMMEL
Kaline gets help in coping with his struggle with bullies from unlikely friends.

Third Grade Bullies
by Elizabeth Levy  J LEVY
Sally gets off to a bad start when she tries to help a classmate.

The Gold-Threaded Dress
by Carolyn Marsden  J MARSDEN
A new girl, Oy, is teased by her classmates.

Surviving Brick Johnson
by Laurie Myers  J MYERS
Alex and Brick learn valuable lessons from each other.

by Patricia Polacco  J POLACCO
When Lyla stands up to a clique of girls, she becomes the target of cyberbullying.

Secret Identity
by Wendelin Van Draanen  J VAN DRAANEN
Tired of being called names, a fifth-grader develops a new name for himself, Shredderman, and finds a way to avenge the bully’s actions.  

Super Emma
by Sally Warner  J WARNER
Emma defends a friend from the class bully.


The Truth about Truman School
by Dori Hillestad Butler  JH BUTLER
An online newspaper causes cyberbullying.

Carlos is Gonna Get It
by Kevin Emerson  JH EMERSON
Students are encouraged to do the right thing when a “prank” is planned.

The Liberation of Gabriel King
by K.L. Going  JH GOING
Gabriel and a friend learn to face their fears of bullies and bigots.

Poison Ivy
by Amy Goldman Koss  JH KOSS
Three girls bully a classmate after which a mock-trial is held in Social Studies.

by R.J. Palacio  JH PALACIO
Previously homeschooled, a boy with severe facial deformities enters the fifth grade.

by James Preller  JH PRELLER
Thirteen-year-old Eric deals with a question of conscience. If you see someone being bullied and don’t do anything about it, does that make you as bad as the bully?

Max Quigley: Technically Not a Bully
by James Roy  JH ROY
Is Max a bully?  He doesn’t think so, but he does admit that he can change.

Warp Speed
by Lisa Yee  JH YEE
Marley has lots of experience running from bullies, but when he’s offered a place on the track team, he must decide whether to compete.


Mean Behind the Screen:  What You Need to Know About Cyberbullying
by Toney Allman  J 302.3 ALL
What teens need to know about cyberbullying, especially about the signs of trouble.

by Lauri Friedman   J 302.3 BUL
Opposing views are presented for reading and discussion.

Why Are You Picking on Me?:  Dealing with Bullies
by John Burstein  J 302.3 BUR
“Slim Goodbody” presents strategies for dealing with bullies.

We Want You to Know:  Kids Talk About Bullying
by Deborah Ellis  J 302.2 ELL
Read true stories about bullying by young people between the ages of 9 and 19.

Good-Bye Bully Machine
by Debbie Fox  J 302.3 FOX
The author compares bullying to being around a dangerous machine.

by Elizabeth Raum  J 302.3 RAU
The many problems of being bullied and of being the bully are presented.

Teen Cyberbullying Investigated:  Where Do Your Rights End and Consequences Begin?
by Thomas A. Jacobs  J 345.025 JAC
This is a timely book for general information on cyberbullying.

Bullying and Me:  Schoolyard Stories
by Ouisie Shapiro  J 371.58 SHA
Real life stories from victims who have been bullied.

Bullying:  How to Deal With Taunting, Teasing, and Tormenting
by Kathleen Winkler  J 371.58 WIN
What is bullying?  Why do bullies do it?  Why do victims take it? Can people work together to end it?


Chrysanthemum: And More Mouse Mayhem
Is Chrysanthemum’s name too long?  Some say yes. How does she deal with it?

My Blog:). Clique! Clique! Clique! Ouch!
 J DVD 302.3 MY
Some cliques leave classmates out of their group. Why?

My Blog:).  Internet Bullies?!  (Just a Click Away) 
J DVD 302.3 MY
Preteen bloggers discuss practical ways to protect themselves on the Internet.

My Blog:).  Why Are There Bullies?  (What Are They Thinking?) 
J DVD 302.3 MY
A variety of suggestions are given about bullies and how to deal with them.

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