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January 2014 Artist of the Month

Reid  Barkley

About the Artist:

While my art is of various subjects including smoke and landscapes, my passion is flowers. I am fascinated with the myriad shapes; the different colors and combinations of color; the textures; and the play of light and shadow on the curves and petals. I use close-ups to capture the delicacy, inner beauty, and intimate details that are not often seen by most casual observers.

In addition I look for different ways to enhance the natural beauty of flowers. I create 2D acrylic and watercolor paintings and photograph natural patterns and textures (such as tree bark and aged stone) which I use as backgrounds in my work. Also, I incorporate the work of 3D artisans, pottery, ceramics, and tile.

I hope you can imagine the scents and sounds from each image. Enjoy!

Reid Barkley

Reid Barkley Photography
506 Danbury Dr.
Carol Stream, IL 60188