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Special Events

Seed Saving

Saturday, August 29  ■  2:00–3:00  p.m.  ■  Huntley Meeting Room

Saving your own seeds can be easy and the best part is that it's free! A University of Illinois Extension Master Gardener will discuss how to save seeds from your garden. Discover which seeds are worth the effort to save. Learn the proper methods of cleaning and storing your seeds.  Register

Japanese-American Internment Camps

Wednesday, September 9  ■ 7:00 p.m. ■ Carnegie Community Room

Japanese-American Internment Camps Wednesday, September 9 7:00 p.m. Carnegie Community Room After the bombing of Pearl Harbor, all Japanese Americans living on the West Coast were forced from their homes and into relocation camps in remote areas of the country. Among the over 120,000 Japanese Americans who were incarcerated, more than two-thirds were American-born, many of whom were children. Historian and librarian Sarah Okner, a descendant of internees, shares photos and details of daily life in an internment camp, and the profound effects it had on those living there. REGISTER

The Men of Omaha Beach

Thursday, October 29 ■ 7:00 p.m. ■ Carnegie Community Room

Former U.S. Army Signal Corpsman Robert Mueller, author of Fields of War: Battle of Normandy, paints the picture of Omaha Beach on June 6, 1944 with an in-depth presentation on the Normandy Invasion which took place more than 70 years ago. Learn about the men responsible for the success of the risky endeavor called D-Day—those who returned home, and those who didn’t. REGISTER

Fascinating Women of History: Eleanor Roosevelt

Wednesday, November 11 ■ noon ■ Huntley Meeting Room

Historian and actress Leslie Goddard portrays one of the most fascinating and influential public figures of the 20th century: Eleanor Roosevelt. Born into wealth during America’s gilded age, Eleanor grew from a shy, homely orphan into a confident, driven woman known for championing progressive causes and the rights of man. Drawn from Eleanor’s own writings, she shares stories of her childhood, her courtship and marriage to Franklin D. Roosevelt, her volunteer work during World War I, FDR’s bout with polio, the White House years, World War II, and FDR’s death. REGISTER